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Is your dog scared of other dogs, worried about strange people, or stressed out in new places? Is she terrified during thunderstorms, fireworks, or gunfire?

Does your dog’s stress, fear or panic make vet visits or dog classes a nightmare? Is leaving your dog home alone a constant source of anxiety – for him and for you?

Maybe your previously outgoing pup is going through a fearful, under-confident stage. Or having difficulty adjusting to a new house or new family member.

Maybe adolescence hit, and your sweetheart dog has turned into a brat – or even a bully.

Or your senior dog, once self-possessed in any situation, has become timid, anxious and unsure of himself.

What do these issues have in common? They are exactly the types of behaviors that flower essences can help with.

They’re what we’re helping dog owners with, every day, here at Aldaron Essences.

 What flower essences are and how can they help your dog

Flower essences are completely natural, unscented, dilute liquids that contain the energy signatures, or “essences”, of various healing flowers. They’re remarkable in that they can subtly “re-tune” out of balance, extreme emotions.

Each essence corresponds to a particular emotional state, and over time, works to bring it back into a more balanced, healthier state.

There are flower essences that reduce stress, relieve fear and anxiety, improve cooperation, increase patience, decrease jealousy, and many more.

Regardless of your dog’s issues or history, whether you’ve had him for 10 days or 10 years, it’s a good bet there’s a Bach flower essence combination that can help.

Less stress. More confidence and courage. Negative behaviors toned down.

I hope you’ll explore our website and find out for yourself how this uniquely effective therapy can shift your dog’s learning curve in the right direction!

Features & Benefits

Why use flower essences? Some of the many benefits of flower essences for dogs are:

Safe & Gentle

With an extensive history of safe use in human and animals worldwide, flower essences are safe to use in dogs young and old. They are free from unwanted side effects, and don’t interfere with other treatments and therapies.

Not Sedative or Habit-Forming

Flower essences balance out-of-balance emotions. They are not sedative, so won’t make your dog lethargic or ”dopey”. Their natural balancing action means that most dogs need them less over time, not more.

Simple to Use

Simply give a few drops to your dog – on a treat, in her food, or straight into her mouth – 3 times each day. Healthier, more balanced reactions typically begin within 3 to 14 days and gradually build over time.

Real World Results

Designed by longtime professional dog trainer and canine behavior specialist Julie Cantrell, our flower essence combinations help improve common behavior issues in dogs. This means each formula is focused on helping owners of dogs with behavior issues get solid, real life results.

Recommended by Professionals

Flower essences are used and recommended by canine behavior and training professionals, dog sports enthusiasts, rescue workers and, of course, pet owners who love results! Find out why dog owners and trainers depend on this wonderful therapy for concrete results.

Unbeatable Value

In a world where the most basic products and services are getting more and more expensive, flower essences remain one of the most economical tools to help get dog behavior back on track.

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