Bach flower guides for dog behavior issues

Bach Flower Essence Selection Guides: Dogs

Flower essences can help with a wide variety of dog behavior problems and issues. Browse our articles below to find Bach flower essence selection guides for many common situations and canine behavior challenges.

Aldaron flower essence guides for dogs


Adolescent Dogs: The stage between puppy and full adult dog can be long and difficult, full of dramatic changes and challenges. Bach flower essences can go a long way toward easing the process and supporting better behavior throughout your pup’s “teenage” months.

Anxiety, Fear & Stress: Learn what Bach flower remedies can counter fears, phobias, stress, and anxiety in dogs.

Car Travel Anxiety: Get tips, training advice, and natural remedies (including Bach flowers) to help banish your dog’s travel anxiety for good.

​Fighting in the Home: Can flower essences work to stop dogs from fighting and hating each other? Find out which Bach flowers can help when dogs in the home start fighting, as well as tips to make it work.

Grief: Bach Flower remedies can be enormously helpful in times of grief. Find out which essences to choose for your dog.

High Energy, Excitable Dogs: Calming high-energy, excitable, rowdy dogs can be a challenge. Discover which Bach flower essences work best to improve calm and control in hyper, high-strung dogs, and find practical tips for living and working successfully with this kind of dog.

Life Changes and Transitions: A dog’s life is a series of changes from start to finish. Can flower essences smooth the way and help your dog adapt? Learn how this holistic therapy can help dogs adjust and deal with life’s transitions smoothly and confidently.

Noise Sensitivity: Fear of thunder, fireworks and gunshots is a common behavior complaint in dogs, but there is no “one size fits all” solution for solving it. This article discusses Bach flower remedies and other natural, holistic therapies for noise sensitive and noise phobic dogs.

​Obsessive Compulsive (OCD) Behaviors in Dogs: Light and shadow chasing; spinning in endless circles; non-stop licking… OCD behaviors in dogs can present a huge challenge to live with. Learn which flower remedies can help reduce the emotional triggers of compulsive behavior in dogs.

​Reactivity, Frustration Behaviors & Aggression: Does your dog “act up” around other dogs, or people, or… ? Find flower essences to help even out the extreme emotions that often drive these challenging behaviors.

​Senior Dogs: Aging, illness, little aches and pains… they can take a toll, emotionally, on our older dogs. Learn how to use flower essences to enhance your dog’s golden years.

​Separation Anxiety: With this complicated issue, flower essences can offer a fresh approach. Read how Bach Flowers can help level out the emotions involved in separation anxiety in dogs.

​Socialization and Sociability: Wondering if flower essences can help improve social behavior? Our article will guide you through which essences may benefit your dog.