Aldaron flower essences for dogs articles and guides

Flower Essences for Dogs: Basics, General Info, Tips

Browse our introductory flower essence articles to learn how to give flower essences to dogs, how to create your own flower essence blend, best ways to set up your dog for success, and much more!

How Flower Essences Can Improve Dog Behavior: There are some tools that just make training your dog easier. And when working with a dog behavior problem that’s driven by emotion, flower essences are an absolutely indispensable tool.

Bach Rescue Remedy for Dogs: Uses and Limitations: Rescue Remedy enjoys well-deserved fame among dog lovers for its success as a natural treatment for stress, shock, and trauma. But different dogs, like different people, will show stress in unique ways. Is Rescue Remedy by itself always the best choice?

Simple, Effective Ways to Give Flower Essences to Animals: Love flower essences but not sure how to give them to animals in a way they’ll accept? It may surprise you to learn there are a variety of effective options for giving flower essences to dogs, cats, horses, and other animals.

Flower Essences for Dogs: Tips for Success: Flower essences are an amazing tool for dog behavior improvement. While they work well by themselves, I have found, in my 25 years of using them, that certain “best practices” seem to help the process along. These are my personal tips for success when using flower essences with dogs. They are not written in stone; just what I have found works well. I hope you find it helpful!

Flower Essences for Animals: What to Expect: You’ve heard of flower essences for animals, but do you know what to expect from using them? Is this natural therapy right for you and your dog, cat, horse or bird? Get honest, no-nonsense answers to your flower essence questions here.

How to Select Bach Flower Remedies for Dogs: Dog aggression, anxiety, reactivity – many common dog behavior problems respond beautifully to Bach flower remedies. But successful treatment depends on choosing the correct remedies for your dog’s emotional state. Learn how to select the best Bach flower essences for the emotions behind your dog’s behavior issues in this free guide.

Bach Flower Remedies for Dogs: Create Your Own Blend (Guide and FAQ): Blending your own custom flower remedy blend for your dog can be extremely satisfying. I’ve done it for nearly three decades now, and the results can be amazing, not to mention the insights you can gain into your dog’s personality. This article will guide you through the various tips and tricks of blending a flower remedy formula for your dog.