Bach flower essence profiles for use in dogs

Bach Flowers for Dogs: Flower Essence Profiles

Want to learn more about the individual Bach flower essences and how they can help your dog? Check our our Bach flower profiles, below.

Bach Rescue Remedy for Dogs: Uses and Limitations: Rescue Remedy enjoys well-deserved fame among dog lovers for its success as a natural treatment for stress, shock, and trauma. But different dogs, like different people, will show stress in unique ways. Is Rescue Remedy by itself always the best choice?

Larch Bach Flower Remedy to Improve Confidence in Dogs: Have a dog that’s had a bad experience with other dogs, people, or situations, so that now they seem to have no confidence in themselves? The Bach flower essence Larch is spot-on for this kind of emotional setback. Read how Larch can restore your dog’s the ability to “get back in the saddle” and try again.

Mimulus Bach Flower Remedy for Fearful, Anxious Dogs: The Bach flower Mimulus is one of the most commonly used anti-anxiety flower remedies for dogs. Shy, timid, sensitive animals can often become fearful and nervous, and bolder dogs can develop fears of very specific things or in certain situations. Each can benefit greatly from Mimulus flower essence. This natural remedy rebuilds courage and restores confidence, reducing feelings of vulnerability and the tendency to react fearfully in specific situations.

Vervain Bach Flower Remedy for Intense, High-Strung Dogs: Intense, high strung, impulsive dogs can be such fun to train and work with, but they can easily get “over the top”. Bossiness, over-arousal, impulsiveness, and an overly serious-mindset can all be remedied with Vervain Bach flower essence.