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Flower Essences for Dogs Fundamentals: Introductory Info, How-To Articles, FAQ


How Flower Essences Can Improve Dog Behavior: There are some tools that just make training your dog easier. And when working with a dog behavior problem that’s driven by emotion, flower essences are an absolutely indispensable tool.

Bach Rescue Remedy for Dogs: Uses and Limitations: Rescue Remedy enjoys well-deserved fame among dog lovers for its success as a natural treatment for stress, shock, and trauma. But different dogs, like different people, will show stress in unique ways. Is Rescue Remedy by itself always the best choice?

Simple, Effective Ways to Give Flower Essences to Animals: Love flower essences but not sure how to give them to animals in a way they’ll accept? It may surprise you to learn there are a variety of effective options for giving flower essences to dogs, cats, horses, and other animals.

Flower Essences for Dogs: Tips for Success: Flower essences are an amazing tool for dog behavior improvement. While they work well by themselves, I have found, in my 25 years of using them, that certain “best practices” seem to help the process along. These are my personal tips for success when using flower essences with dogs. They are not written in stone; just what I have found works well. I hope you find it helpful!

Flower Essences for Animals: What to Expect: You’ve heard of flower essences for animals, but do you know what to expect from using them? Is this natural therapy right for you and your dog, cat, horse or bird? Get honest, no-nonsense answers to your flower essence questions here.

How to Select Bach Flower Remedies for Dogs: Dog aggression, anxiety, reactivity – many common dog behavior problems respond beautifully to Bach flower remedies. But successful treatment depends on choosing the correct remedies for your dog’s emotional state. Learn how to select the best Bach flower essences for the emotions behind your dog’s behavior issues in this free guide.

Bach Flower Remedies for Dogs: Create Your Own Blend (Guide and FAQ): Blending your own custom flower remedy blend for your dog can be extremely satisfying. I’ve done it for nearly three decades now, and the results can be amazing, not to mention the insights you can gain into your dog’s personality. This article will guide you through the various tips and tricks of blending a flower remedy formula for your dog.

Preventing Dog Behavior Setbacks in Times of Stress: If you’re using flower essences with a dog with behavior issues, there are some simple steps you can take to help minimize behavior setbacks during times of stress and uncertainty.

Aldaron flower essence guides for dogs

Flower Essence Guides for Specific Dog Behavior Issues & Situations


Adolescent Dogs: The stage between puppy and full adult dog can be long and difficult, full of dramatic changes and challenges. Bach flower essences can go a long way toward easing the process and supporting better behavior throughout your pup’s “teenage” months.

Anxiety, Fear & Stress: Learn what Bach flower remedies can counter fears, phobias, stress, and anxiety in dogs.

Car Travel Anxiety: Get tips, training advice, and natural remedies (including Bach flowers) to help banish your dog’s travel anxiety for good.

​Fighting in the Home: Can flower essences work to stop dogs from fighting and hating each other? Find out which Bach flowers can help when dogs in the home start fighting, as well as tips to make it work.

Grief: Bach Flower remedies can be enormously helpful in times of grief. Find out which essences to choose for your dog.

High Energy, Excitable Dogs: Calming high-energy, excitable, rowdy dogs can be a challenge. Discover which Bach flower essences work best to improve calm and control in hyper, high-strung dogs, and find practical tips for living and working successfully with this kind of dog.

Life Changes and Transitions: A dog’s life is a series of changes from start to finish. Can flower essences smooth the way and help your dog adapt? Learn how this holistic therapy can help dogs adjust and deal with life’s transitions smoothly and confidently.

Noise Sensitivity: Fear of thunder, fireworks and gunshots is a common behavior complaint in dogs, but there is no “one size fits all” solution for solving it. This article discusses Bach flower remedies and other natural, holistic therapies for noise sensitive and noise phobic dogs.

​Obsessive Compulsive (OCD) Behaviors in Dogs: Light and shadow chasing; spinning in endless circles; non-stop licking… OCD behaviors in dogs can present a huge challenge to live with. Learn which flower remedies can help reduce the emotional triggers of compulsive behavior in dogs.

​Reactivity, Frustration Behaviors & Aggression: Does your dog “act up” around other dogs, or people, or… ? Find flower essences to help even out the extreme emotions that often drive these challenging behaviors.

​Senior Dogs: Aging, illness, little aches and pains… they can take a toll, emotionally, on our older dogs. Learn how to use flower essences to enhance your dog’s golden years.

​Separation Anxiety: With this complicated issue, flower essences can offer a fresh approach. Read how Bach Flowers can help level out the emotions involved in separation anxiety in dogs.

​Socialization and Sociability: Wondering if flower essences can help improve social behavior? Our article will guide you through which essences may benefit your dog.

Flower Essences for People: Guides and Info


Grief: Bach Flower remedies can be enormously helpful in times of grief. Find out which essences to choose for your situation.

Stress, Burnout and Compassion Fatigue: If you work with animals or people in need, you may have experienced stress, overwhelm, and even “compassion fatigue”. Learn which flower essences can help.

Reactive Remedies in Flower Essence Therapy: Reactive remedies are flower essences that can trigger an emotional “cleanse” of sorts in the beginning stages of flower essence therapy. It’s a process comparable to an aggravation in homeopathy or a healing crisis in naturopathy, except that the toxins being shed are emotional.

Aldaron flower essences for dogs articles and guides

Bach Flower Remedy Profiles


Bach Rescue Remedy for Dogs: Uses and Limitations: Rescue Remedy enjoys well-deserved fame among dog lovers for its success as a natural treatment for stress, shock, and trauma. But different dogs, like different people, will show stress in unique ways. Is Rescue Remedy by itself always the best choice?

Larch Bach Flower Remedy to Improve Confidence in Dogs: Have a dog that’s had a bad experience with other dogs, people, or situations, so that now they seem to have no confidence in themselves? The Bach flower essence Larch is spot-on for this kind of emotional setback. Read how Larch can restore your dog’s ability to “get back in the saddle” and try again.

Mimulus Bach Flower Remedy for Fearful, Anxious Dogs: The Bach flower Mimulus is one of the most commonly used anti-anxiety flower remedies for dogs. Shy, timid, sensitive animals can often become fearful and nervous, and bolder dogs can develop fears of very specific things or in certain situations. Each can benefit greatly from Mimulus flower essence. This natural remedy rebuilds courage and restores confidence, reducing feelings of vulnerability and the tendency to react fearfully in specific situations.

Vervain Bach Flower Remedy for Intense, High-Strung Dogs: Intense, high strung, impulsive dogs can be such fun to train and work with, but they can easily get “over the top”. Bossiness, over-arousal, impulsiveness, and an overly serious mindset can all be remedied with Vervain Bach flower essence.

Aldaron Essences Client Success Stories


Anxious, Reactive, Over-Attached Rescue Dog | A Flower Essence Success Story

Looking at sweet Moxie’s face, you’d never guess he has a variety of issues. But this Maltese/Bichon rescue dog struggled with anxiety, reactive-compulsive behaviors, and attachment issues to top it off. When pharmaceuticals had unpleasant side effects, his mom turned to natural alternatives. Moxie is a truly a new dog with the help of Bach flower therapy. Read more…

Fear Reactive Adolescent Dog | A Flower Essence Success Story

Soar is a young adult Belgian Sheepdog from working lines. Soar’s first year began well, with no issues and lots of potential as Rich’s future competition dog. But at about a year of age, he started becoming fear-reactive when people were nearby. Find out how Bach flower essences got this amazing team back on the road to success. Read more…

Reactive Territorial Fear Aggressive Dog – How Flower Essences Helped

Marvin is a sweet, shy Boxer mix that missed out on some early socialization. Add some scary experiences and onset of adolescence, and guess what showed up? Strong fear-based reactivity and territorial aggression. Marvin’s bad behaviors were all emotion-driven, and so flower essences were a natural fit. Read more…

Thunder Phobia in Older Dog: A Flower Essence Success Story

Emma is a 14 year old Silky Terrier that developed severe thunder phobia as an older dog. Emma’s mom prefers to use natural alternatives to drugs whenever possible, and came upon our Very Scary Things Bach flower formula for fears and phobias in her search for alternative therapies. Read more…

Flower Essences for Dog Agility: From Frustrated to Focused!

Flower essences offer more than stress relief for anxious and fearful dogs. Flower essences can also help with focus, patience, self control – and even basic confidence. Find out how flower essences helped Ellen and Finn go from “frustrated potential” to a focused, working agility team!

High Drive Reactive Malinois: A Flower Essence Success Story

Intense, extraordinarily smart, but unsocialized and reactive – what a combination! Stryder, a purebred Belgian Malinois rescued from the streets as a puppy, was quite a challenge for owner Ellen. But never fear! It’s a story with a very happy ending. Read more…

Stress & Anxiety-Driven Reactive Dog Gets Helps with Flower Essences

Intelligent, high-energy, and quick-thinking, Phoenix, an adolescent Belgian Tervuren, was a dream to train. But when stress and anxiety played havoc with his reactions, he became quite a challenge to work with. Learn how flower essences helped turn one “reactive aggressive” dog around. Read more…

Meet Owen: A Fearful, Anxious Rescue Dog’s Success with Flower Essences

Owen is a Beagle who had – to put it mildly – a bit of a rocky start in life. This rescue pup has fear of loud noises and sudden movements and now takes Aldaron Essences’ Very Scary Things formula to help him cope more successfully. Read more…

Aldaron dog obedience training and behavior articles

Dog Training and Behavior Articles


If you’ve been with Aldaron Essences for awhile, you know that one way I like to help my flower essence clients is with a selection of training and behavior articles. Those articles are still available, but have moved to their very own dog training and behavior blog.

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Your Puppy’s First Week Home 

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